AkuSense IP67 M8 PBT 2MM Unconcise Proximity Sensor Position Sensor Inductive Switch Detects Metal Objects

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AkuSense IP67 M8 PBT 2MM Unconcise Proximity Sensor Position Sensor Inductive Switch Detects Metal Objects
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Model Number: TRN08-02NO
Usage: Position Sensor
Theory: Optical sensor
Output: Switching Transducer
Sensing type: Unshielded
Sensing distance: 2mm±10%
Housing material: Stainless steel
Operating voltage: 10~30V DC(Ripple<10%)
Degree of protection: IP67
Voltage drop: <2.0V
Current consumption: <10mA
Leakage current: <0.01mA
Switch frequency: 1KHz
Repeat accuracy: <1.0%(Sr)
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Model Number: TRN08-02NO
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Packaging Details: Carton box Each sensor in separate plastic bag and bulk in carton box
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Product Description


Inductive sensorsStandard Distance Cable Style

♦ Classical cylindrical appearance, high stability

♦ Adaptive to different occasions, top-notch quality, low price

♦ Customizable cables & connectors at your request


Housing sizeM8 M12M18M30
Sensing distance2mm±10%4mm±10%8mm±10%15mm±10%
Housing materialStainless steelNickle plated brass
Operating voltage10~30V DC(Ripple<10%)
Voltage drop<2.0V
Load Current, Max150mA
Current consumption<10mA<20mA
Leakage current<0.01mA
Switch frequency 1KHz800Hz500Hz150Hz
Repeat accuracy<1.0%(Sr)<5.0%(Sr) <1.0%(Sr)
Sensing surface
Operating temperature-25℃~+75℃
Protective circuitShort circuit
Degree of protectionIP67
Model No.


Normally open

TRN08-02NO TRN12-04NO TRN18-08NO TRN30-15NO
Others NO :NPN Normally open NC :NPN Normally closed PO : PNP Normally open PC : PNP Normally closed

Dimensions (unit:mm)

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