Stable Cylindrical Metal Induction Sensor M5 1mm Proximity Sensor 12V Metal Detecting Sensor

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Stable Cylindrical Metal Induction Sensor M5 1mm Proximity Sensor 12V Metal Detecting Sensor
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Features: metal stable induction sensor
Model Number: F3C-05KS01-P R2M
Description: Proximity Sensor Switch
Indicator: LED 360 degrees view with red protection tube
Output: PNP NO 24V proximity sensor, Switching Transducer
Mounting Method: Flush proximity sensor switch
Standard detection object: 8*8mm(iron)
Sensing distance: 1mm metal induction proximity sensor
Voltage: 12-24V DC+/-10%
Frequency: 600HZ inductive proximity sensor, 600HZ
Protection Grade: IP67 waterproof proximity sensor
inductive sensor material: SUS304 housing
connection: 2m PVC cable(3-wires)
Usage: Position Sensor
Theory: Inductance Sensor
Amplifier Type: Standard
Technology: Inductive
Application: Industrial Automation
Output Type: 0V or 24V
Sensing Distance: 0-1mm
Current - Supply (Max): 100mA
Package / Case: SUS304 housing
Measuring Range: 0-1mm
Voltage - Supply: 12-24VDC
Sensing Range: metal object
Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 degree
Mounting Type: PNP NO
Size / Dimension: M5*40mm thread body
Interface: 3-Wire
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Model Number: F3C-05KS01-P R2M
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Packaging Details: packing plastic bag, M5 1mm Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 12V metal detecting Sensor
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M5 1mm Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 12V metal detecting Sensor

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F&C products are mainly used for the detection of presence or absence, fixed-point positioning, and counting. The main products are fiber optic sensors, including fiber amplifiers and fiber optic tubes, professionally customized, and up to 3,000 fiber models. Proximity switches, including inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, Hall sensor and other special proximity switches. Photoelectric switches can realize long-distance detection, including DR cylindrical series, CR, HR square series, SPX slot series and so on. In addition, there are also label sensor, light curtain, rail power supply, etc., complete product line, we can provide customers with one-stop service.

Model F3C-05KS01-P R2M
Output Method PNP
Maximum detection 1mm
Standard sensing object 8*8*1(iron)
Outputing Way PNP NO
Response Frenquency standard 600Hz
Opearting voltage 12-24VDC, 5V customizable
Loard current 24V 100mA max
operating temperature -25 to +70 degree
Material SUS304 housing
Protection degree IP67

Waterproof Proximity Sensor Features:

1. High performance 12-24VDC Built-in amplifier and Imported electronic component,At least 4 hours burnt-in test before shipping.
2. IP67 well protected inductive proximity sensor in wet environment like water, oil.
3.Full size series cylindrical Proximity sensors for choice, including Diameter 4mm, M5,Diameter 6mm, M8 , M12, M30 .
4. Red protective sleeve and Soft cable design proximity sensor, to protect it better and enhance life cycle.
5.Single and Double sensing distance inductance proximity sensor, for example M12 shield type, single range 2mm and double range 4mm.
6.Two types of body length available, standard 45mm metric thread tube and short 30mm metric thread tube, and three types of install design for choice, pre-wired type, M8 connector with 150mm pre-wired type and M12 connector type proximity sensor.
7. Fast delivery time and 18 month warranty. 108 normal model large in stock, we can arrange shipping within 3 days, and about 7 days for common order.
8. OEM/ODM accepted.

Inductive Sensor switch with Diameter 4mm, 5mm and 6.5mm.

Model Head Sensing Distance Shield Output
F3C-04KS0.8-P R2M 4mm*30mm smooth head 0.8mm Yes PNP NO
F3C-05KS01-N R2M 5mm*30mm thread head 1mm YES NPN NO
F3C-06KS01-P R2M 6.5mm*45mm smooth head 1mm YES PNP NO
F3C--08KS01-N R2M 8mm*45mm thread head 1mm YES NPN NO
F3L--08KS02-P R2M 8mm*45mm thread head 2mm YES PNP NO
F3C--12KS02-N R2M 12mm*45mm thread head 2mm YES NPN NO
F3L--12KS04-P R2M 12mm*45mm thread head 4mm YES PNP NO
F3C--18KS05-N R2M 18mm*45mm thread head 5mm YES NPN NO
F3L--18KS08-P R2M 18mm*45mm thread head 8mm YES PNP NO
F3C--30KS10-N R2M 30mm*45mm thread head 10mm YES NPN NO
F3L--30KS15-P R2M 30mm*45mm thread head 15mm YES PNP NO

Waterproof Proximity Sensor Factory Information
F&C Sensing Technology is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing industrial automation control sensors which is mainly for limit protection, counting and presence or absence judgement. there are 14 series and around 5000 models available,based on Changsha, Dongguan and Taiwan, F&C sensors and our authorized distributors around the world are dedicated to provide wonderful one-stop-service to all the customers. Our main products include Fiber optic sensor, Fiber Unit, proximity sensor,photoelectric sensor, light curtain, label sensor, pressure switch, magnetic switch,din-rail power supply etc. and producing is strictly correspond with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Waterproof Proximity Sensor factory Office, exhibition, staffs & customers

M5 1mm Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 12V metal detecting Sensor

M5 1mm Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 12V metal detecting Sensor

M5 1mm Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 12V metal detecting Sensor

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